The sound of silence

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It’s been eerily quiet around here recently, hasn’t it?  I don’t usually talk about myself at all here, but I feel compelled to apologise for the longer than usual break between posts.  I am still alive, but I have been otherwise engaged on an all too fleeting visit here:

The Museum Gardens and the ruins of St Mary's Abbey

No, not Narnia, but York, my favourite city in the world.  A couple of years ago I did my MA in York and I completely fell in love with the place for its friendly feel, gorgeous architecture and vast amount of places from which to purchase tea and scones.  The Old English Thorn and I had a wonderful three day weekend seeing old friends and revisiting old haunts, not to mention doing impressive amounts of Christmas shopping.  On the Saturday morning, we woke up to find the city covered in snow, which only increased as the weekend went on.  Unfortunately it didn’t disrupt our journey home (our train was the last one that day to get back to London, alas) but it was lovely to see the city looking so beautiful.

York Minster in the snow

I have been reading (who wouldn’t with five hours’ worth of train journey?) and have four book reviews in the pipeline, so look out for them shortly.

The big Christmas tree outside Betty's all illuminated

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