TBR Lucky Dip: April

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As I explained in my post about reading plans for the new year, each month I’m going to be using a random number generator to select a book from my TBR pile for me to read, to help me read more widely from my shelves.

This month, the deities of www.random.org have ordained that I should read book number 177. According to my TBR list this means that I am reading…

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Out of his smoke-filled rooms in Baker Street stalks a figure to cause the criminal classes to quake in their boots and rush from their dens of iniquity…

The twelve mysteries gathered in this first collection of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson’s adventures reveal the brilliant consulting detective at the height of his powers.  Problems involving a man with a twisted lip, a fabulous blue carbuncle and five orange pips tax Sherlock Holmes’s intellect alongside some of his most famous cases, including ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’ and ‘The Red-Headed League’.

I’m rather pleased with this selection as it gives me the opportunity to start reading the set of lovely Penguin Pocket Classics editions of the Sherlock Holmes stories that I bought from The Book People in February.  It also qualifies as another book for the Victorian Literature Challenge (which is progressing well so far, with 5 books read out of a potential 15, all of which have been by different authors) and on top of that it fits in nicely with my April aim of reading slightly chunkier books to slow myself down as it is the second largest volume in the Holmes collection.  It’s made up of short stories too, so it will be perfect commuting reading.  I think I’ve done well this month!

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2 Responses to “TBR Lucky Dip: April”

Comment from Simon T
Time April 11, 2011 at 10:19 pm

I love the random generator idea! I read some Sherlock Holmes back in 2007, and enjoyed them, although I was studying them which took some of the pleasure out.

Comment from oldenglishrose
Time April 12, 2011 at 3:18 pm

It’s working rather well for me so far as I’ve come out with some great books. It really is helping to remind me of what I have lurking around the house.

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